I look at my body as an embodied experience shaped by void and violence—transient reality, mortality and intergenerationality. My practice reflects on this corporeal and incorporeal framework I am captured within through the phenomenology of paints. Building up on the surface is the metaphysical equivalent of the construction of body. A network of process-driven, complex layering through dripping, splashing, puddling, spreading, smashing, glazing and pressing. One mark or material sets another to counteract and de-stabilize the texture just as a muscle compensates for another, resulting in an internal imbalance. My ingredients are such heterogeneity that remains evident during and after the process to constantly coalesce and obliterate. In light of the cosmic body, I reference various abstract sources like topography, anatomical drawing, sound/vibration image, patina, micro/macroscopic vision, calligraphy, and the vernacular of abstract expressionists. The key is to activate a space that is to contain and, yet, subject to shift; not fully resolved; no first or last; to be an experience to navigate the uncertain.